Boost your brain power with PEMF therapy

Brain power needs to be specially increased on urgent basis for parkinsons and alzheimers patients. Doctors and hospitals simply prescribe medication that have side effects and worsen the situation for patients in the long run. Fortunately now, there is advancement in treatment using pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. This type of therapy is economical and boosts mental clarity, thinking processes and overall health of the user. It has also proven to have anti-aging effects.

Research has been conducted by an American company known as EarthPulse, and it has come out with consumer device called EarthPulse Sleep on Command. This device is manufactured in India since 2002, and has more than 10,000 users worldwide.

Great PEMF therapy reviews can be found on their website. Their youtube channel also has video reviews from real users. Amazon users are raving about it too!

We have been using it from past 3 years with some amazing results for 95% patients. They even provide a 90-day money back guarantee for their users.  It can be used by anyone regardless of age and the  users get benefits of much clearer thought, increased intelligence, anti-depression, pain killer (back pain, joint pain), etc all from a single device. It has many program modes to help in deep sleep and rapid recovery. When we sleep deeply, we automatically recover from many illnesses. We don’t get this quality of sleep more than 2 hours at a night for normal people. This device delivers deep sleep for 5-8 hours, thus enhancing body’s self repair mechanism drastically. This boosts oxygen metabolism, and thus the body’s cells have higher energy to enhance recovery.

PEMF is side effect free treatment. FDA has approved its usage in the US for treating depression and joint pain. Effects are felt within a few days of nightly use. EarthPulse PEMF therapy is available in India on Amazon India. All the best!


Pain treatment with PEMF therapy in India

More than 58years of East-European pulsed electromagnetic industry therapies research has plainly proven that PEMF therapies is quite effective in killing pains with no side-effects or perhaps any kind of poor side effects. If you have soreness, PEMF will be the top drugless and side-effect no cost soreness pain treatment with PEMF therapy in India.

Suitable using PEMF therapies employing correct frequencies and correct length connected with application doesn’t just kill soreness, but it also repairs the explanation for the particular soreness, specifically there is no nutrition based lack.

Our research shows that 10 Hz minimal electrical power application in excess of extended remedy periods will be the best way to live through soreness. The idea simply rebuilds the particular tissues and repairs the origin of the soreness.

EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic industry therapies will be patterned employing the top and nicely examined rate of recurrence and wave-forms. It has 5 Sleep Modes, the Restoration method, manually Regularity placing method and Attentive method for day-time work with.

If you’ve received soreness linked to Fibromyalgia (or perhaps Migraine headaches), PEMF therapies will be the response to your current praying and we have really hardly ever noticed this fail.

Reference our own our own research collection hosted upon our own principal internet site below with thousands of posted school and health care research articles or blog posts to view by yourself that all the study would certainly occur, nevertheless has been certainly not promoted with the pharmaceutical market sectors for some reason (we can certainly most speculate the reason why! )

Once you are convinced and would like to give a fair trial head to Pemf Healing for PEMF therapy in India


PEMF heal damage caused by Electromagnetic pollution

The biggest problem damaging human DNA and ultimately shortening life from all angle is – Electromagnetic Pollution – arising from cell phone towers, wi-fi and electric lines surrounding us and has resulted in 40x increase of autism cases and 10x increase of cancer in last 10 years.

This kind of pollution goes unnoticed and is extremely harmful to your body. The pharmaceutical industry hand in glove with politicians hand in glove with telecom will never tell you this and continue to feed you garbage via the media. So be smart, find the real cure, and experience the new energy in your life.

There is a device known as Earthpulse Sleep on Command, a pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy device, that you put under your bed and it creates a magnetic field around your body. This magnetic field is tuned in a way to enhance your body’s cells to “behave normally” using Earth’s natural magnetic field itself. So not only you get shielded from damaging electro-pollution when you sleep, you also recover much much faster from variety of ailments and many other health diseases simply can not happen to you anymore, because you are lying everyday in highly healing magnetic field. This device just got launched in India after 10 years of success in international market with customers such as olympics team champions, hollywood personalities, etc using it as a secret to maintain their health and energy. In india, they are offering a discount and just launched their systems for sale using Amazon India. Additional resources to complete research studies can also be found via their main India website. All the best and wish you all a great healthy life.