Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is really a continual, complicated, and increasingly common disabling illness.. You will find a couple standard forms of Multiple Sclerosis – relapsing/remitting and also intensifying. There may be considerable overlap among both of these sorts. Sufferers have symptoms including infection, demyelination, skin damage of mind muscle, neural mobile degeneration, and also malfunction caused by immune system. Swelling triggers demyelination and predominates the relapsing remitting stage in the illness and is particularly seen as persistent attacks of failing and also improvement (exacerbation and also remission). Neurodegeneratiion, leading to comprehensive neural (neuronal) injury, occurs simultaneously for the reason that inflammatory procedure within intensifying phases in the illness.

PEMF therapy for Multiple Sclerosis helps quite a long in healing and recovery.

MS or Multiple Sclerosis influences in excess of 2. 1 million persons around the world and also more than 400, 000 persons in the united states, using in relation to two hundred brand new patients identified weekly. Eventhough it can impact persons in just about any get older, Multiple Sclerosis is frequently identified between the ages of 20-40 many years and is particularly somewhere around three times more widespread within women compared to within males. As a top cause of disability within adults, Multiple Sclerosis greatly influences a individual’s quality of life which enables it to create a significant economic and also useful weight around the affected individual, family members, and also healthcare technique.

In the search for other therapies to help manage MS, I have become aware of the potential for pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) to impact neurological tissue at a fundamental level. While there is little evidence at this time to suggest that PEMFs may actually be able to reduce plaque size, there is some suggestion that there is a possibility that PEMFs may be able to reduce recurrences and perhaps delay progression of MS as well.

Research suggests that PEMFs – although not a cure – can alleviate many of the major symptoms of MS, including spasticity, fatigue, cognitive function, mood changes and other impaired physiologic functions. This is because PEMFs act at such basic cellular and physiologic levels. They improve the function of all cells of the body, even those impaired by any specific disease process, such as MS. As such, PEMFs can substantially enhance the quality of life of individuals with MS without the side effects associated with pharmaceutical approaches.

Because every molecule, cell, organ in our body emits and is sensitive to electromagnetic fields, our biochemistry is influenced by our electromagnetic nature. As such, efforts to develop new therapies based solely on dysfunctional biochemistry without considering this nature ultimately will be limited. It is like replacing worn auto tires without aligning the wheels that caused the tires to get worn in the first place, i.e., you need to tackle both problems, so they don’t recur.

Although there is no tissue in which our electromagnetic nature is more evident than MS-attacked nervous tissue, most therapeutic efforts have emphasized the disease’s overt physical symptoms associated with demyelination. They also minimized, until recently, the role of its less understood, underlying electromagnetic dynamics.

Electromagnetic fields influence many biochemical and physiological processes. Although the specific mechanisms by which such fields alleviate MS symptoms remain undefined, many possibilities exist. For example, through influencing the flow of charged ions through membrane-transversing, protein channels, electromagnetic fields may enhance signal conduction in dysfunctional neurons. In another example, magnetic fields alter our neuro- and immunochemistry, both of which are affected by MS.

Electromagnetic fields influence the levels of various MS-altered hormones. Dr. R. Sandyk (Touro College, NY) has intriguingly suggested that a key player in the disease’s etiology is the brain’s all-important, magnetically and light-sensitive pineal gland, which secretes hormones (e.g., melatonin) that affect the entire body (J. Alternative & Complementary Medicine, 1997; 3(3): pp 267-290).

The epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and disease course of MS can all be correlated with the pineal gland. For example, most individuals with MS have calcified (i.e., dysfunctional) pineal glands. If MS demyelination is a secondary consequence of pineal dysfunction, Sandyk believes research efforts should focus on therapeutic interventions, such as magnetic therapy, that enhance pineal functioning. [Interestingly, quadriplegics, but not paraplegics, also have dysfunctional pineal glands (Zeitzer JM et al. J. Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2000; 85(6): pp 2189 –2196)]

Magnetic field therapeutic interventions reviewed below use PEMFs in which an electromagnet is turned on and off at a defined frequency. For example, a field that is pulsed 25 times per second has a frequency of 25 cycles/second or Hertz.

Field strength is defined by gauss. For reference, the Earth’s magnetic field is about 0.5 gauss, a refrigerator magnet is about 10 gauss, and some medical applications, such as MRIs, can exceed 10,000 gauss. However, because size counts, the Earth’s low intensity, large size, field profoundly influences life, including MS expression. The following studies use weak electromagnetic fields, which scientists believe can initiate physiological responses that much stronger fields often cannot. These researchers have postulated a “window effect,” in which these responses may only be initiated at a unique combination of frequency, intensity, and polarity relative to the Earth’s magnetic field.

But despite the theories, is there evidence that PEMFs affect brain function? Behavioral and neurophysiological changes have been reported after exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF-MF) both in animals and in humans. Even in the nonliving human neuronal cultures exposed to extremely low frequency PEMFs show an increase in excitatory neurotransmission. Excitatory neurotransmitters turn functions on, and inhibitory neurotransmitters reduce functions.

Using transcranial brain stimulation, Capone studied noninvasively the effect of PEMFs on several measures of cortical excitability in 22 healthy volunteers, and in 14 sham field exposure was used. After 45 min of PEMF exposure, intracortical facilitation function related to cortical glutamatergic activity was significantly enhanced by about 20%, while other parameters of cortical excitability remained unchanged. Sham field exposure produced no effects. This study shows some indication that PEMFs can produce functional changes in human brain.

There is growing evidence in the literature of the beneficial effects of magnetic fields on different MS symptoms. Guseo reported that the technique can alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, bladder control, and spasticity, as well as improve quality of life. Richards et al. performed a double-blind study to measure the clinical and subclinical effects of a magnetic device on disease activity in MS and showed that a magnetic field improved the performance scale (PS) combined rating for bladder control, cognitive function, fatigue level, mobility, spasticity, and vision. Nielsen et al. showed in 38 MS subjects that magnetic stimulation on spasticity could improve self-score of ease of daily activities and clinical spasticity.

Regarding fatigue, commonly seen in MS, Sandyk proposed that depletion of neurotransmitter stores in damaged neurons may contribute significantly to the development of fatigue and showed that a picotesla PEMF in a small group of MS subjects improved fatigue. These results suggestedthat replenishment  of neurotransmitter stores in neurons damaged by demyelination in the brainstem by periodic applications of picotesla PEMFs may lead to more effective impulse conduction and thus to improvement in fatigue.

Another possibly related way pulsed PEMFs might remediate MS fatigue is through electrophysiological effects. Richards et al. found that in MS patients, during a language task and after visual stimulation, EMFs increased the amount of brain alpha activity. G. Another study showed significan positive t differences in theta and beta band amplitudes between subjects exposed to real and sham 3 Hz magnetic fields (Heusser).


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