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Your whole presence… all matter, all life, all experiences–everything owes its presence in the physical world to frequency. Totally everything is frequency.

You can’t have an experience on this planet without drawing in it through frequency. Each feeling, including love and scorn tunes into a particular frequency. Wellbeing has a frequency.

Ailment has frequency. Your organs are each one tuned to a particular frequency as is your whole body which reverberates at its own particular frequency.

You are an orchestra of frequencies while you anticipate yourself through this universe and make your physical reality. You are an expert of your vitality, and accordingly you have the capacity control all that you are, all that you do, all that you encounter.

From the day you are conceived until the day you don’t kick the bucket anything, will ever change the way that you are both a frequency emitter and collector in flux with your interior and outer environment.

DNA has two structural qualities of fractal reception apparatuses, electronic conduction and self symmetry. Electrical conduction permits the development of electrically charged particles inside the body and that stream delivers our life energy.

Life itself as we know it is inseparably interlaced with geometric structures, from the plot of nuclear bonds in the atoms of the amino acids, to the helical spirals of DNA, to the circular model of the cell, to the initial couple of cells of a creature which expect vesical, tetrahedral, and star (twofold) tetrahedral structures preceding the broadening of tissues for diverse physiological capacities.

The particles of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snow pieces, pine cones, blossom petals, jewel precious stones, the spreading of trees, a nautilus shell, the star we turn around, the system we winding inside, the air we inhale, and all life structures as we know them develop out of timeless geometric codes.

Our human bodies on this planet all created with a typical geometric movement from one to two to four to eight primal cells and past.

The universe is more than 99.999% vacant space, including our bodies. All physical things are made of molecules which are generally unfilled space.

In the event that the core was the measure of a marble, the electrons would be spots of dust a half mile away. Each physical thing has that much vacant space in it. Inside that purge space is sagacity and frequency.

Just about all over the place we look, the mineral knowledge epitomized inside crystalline structures takes after a geometry immovable in its exactitude.

The grid examples of gems all express the standards of numerical flawlessness and redundancy of an essential quintessence, each with a trademark range of resonances characterized by the points, lengths and social introductions of its nuclear segments.

Brilliant proportion of sections in 5-pointed star (pentagram) were viewed as hallowed to plato and pythagoras in their riddle schools. Note that every bigger (or littler) area is connected by the phi degree, so a force arrangement of the brilliant proportion raised to progressively higher (or lower) forces are consequently created

Fibonacci degrees show up in the degree of the quantity of winding arms in daisies, in the order of rabbit populaces, in the grouping of leaf examples as they contort around a limb, and a heap of spots in nature where creating toward oneself examples are basically.

The succession is the objective movement towards the silly number encapsulated in the quintessential brilliant proportion. The world and the universe around us are loaded with consecrated geometry and the brilliant degree. From seashells to the human body, from the universe to the particle, all structures are pervaded with the shapes found in hallowed geometry.

While consecrated geometry speculations can be checked numerically, it is likewise a field which holds much enthusiasm to numerous diverse religious groups who can observe that it holds profound otherworldly significance for them.scientists, archeologists, mathematicians, and numerous profound seekers study hallowed geometry too.

The human genome is pressed with no less than four million quality switches that dwell in bits of DNA that once were released as “garbage” yet it just so happens purported garbage DNA assumes basic parts in controlling how cells, organs and different tissues carry on.

The disclosure, considered a significant medicinal and exploratory leap forward, has colossal ramifications for human wellbeing and cognizance on the grounds that numerous complex maladies have all the earmarks of being brought on by little changes in several quality switches.

As researchers dug into the “garbage” — parts of the DNA that are not real qualities containing guidelines for proteins — they found a complex framework that controls qualities. No less than 80 percent of this DNA is dynamic and required. An alternate 15-17 percent has higher capacities researchers are as of now disentangling.

The vast majority of the particles in the body are electrical dipoles. These dipoles electronically capacity like transducers in that they find themselves able to transform acoustic waves into electrical waves and electrical waves into acoustic waves.

Various film proteins and DNA comprise of helical curls, which may permit them to electronically work as inductor loops. Natural tissues may have superconducting properties.

On the off chance that certain film proteins and the DNA really work as electrical inductors they may empower the cell to temporarily deliver high electrical voltages.

Endless ailment happens when voltage drops underneath a certain voltage. Cells then don’t have enough vitality to work accurately and measure of oxygen in cells drops, changing from vigorous (oxygen- accessible) digestion system to anaerobic (oxygen reduced) digestion system.

The characteristic properties of biomolecular structures empowers cell segments and entire cells to waver and communicate thunderously with different cells. The cells of the body and cell segments have the capacity to capacity as electrical resonators.

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