PEMF heal damage caused by Electromagnetic pollution

The biggest problem damaging human DNA and ultimately shortening life from all angle is – Electromagnetic Pollution – arising from cell phone towers, wi-fi and electric lines surrounding us and has resulted in 40x increase of autism cases and 10x increase of cancer in last 10 years.

This kind of pollution goes unnoticed and is extremely harmful to your body. The pharmaceutical industry hand in glove with politicians hand in glove with telecom will never tell you this and continue to feed you garbage via the media. So be smart, find the real cure, and experience the new energy in your life.

There is a device known as Earthpulse Sleep on Command, a pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy device, that you put under your bed and it creates a magnetic field around your body. This magnetic field is tuned in a way to enhance your body’s cells to “behave normally” using Earth’s natural magnetic field itself. So not only you get shielded from damaging electro-pollution when you sleep, you also recover much much faster from variety of ailments and many other health diseases simply can not happen to you anymore, because you are lying everyday in highly healing magnetic field. This device just got launched in India after 10 years of success in international market with customers such as olympics team champions, hollywood personalities, etc using it as a secret to maintain their health and energy. In india, they are offering a discount and just launched their systems for sale using Amazon India. Additional resources to complete research studies can also be found via their main India website. All the best and wish you all a great healthy life.